I Have the Best Job Ever

by Chicago Agent

Finally! CA is rolling out an issue I can really sink my teeth into. First we covered how to make the new year not stink, and then I got through the Mortgage issue, and now I get to talk about why real estate is the best job out there. First of all, I wake up at 11 a.m. every day. That’s right, if my clients want to do anything before that time then too bad. I show some houses, pop into the office and eat some desk candy. In the evening, I attend as many events as possible and stuff cookies and sandwiches in my pocket, and some hosts (here’s looking at you Nancy Tassone) actually encourage guests to bring home snacks in a baggie.

As the day goes on, I drink all the free wine and beer available, and then hook up with some other industry peeps at Martini Park or Martini Barge or somewhere else that serves martinis — and technically I’m still working! If you can think of a better gig let me know, because I sure can’t. Not to mention I can take weeks off at a time to explore all of the beaches this world has to offer, while my assistants keep my clients at bay. I have the best job ever, and then I get to write down all the juicy gossip I witness and feed it to my loyal readers.

Newly-single Mike Vesole and his team are planning for a Grand Opening of their Moderna project on California and Chicago in March, which developer Peter Allen recently took over. I hope it looks modern, or else the name of the project is misleading.

Feb. 9 was an early Mardi Gras, as both Astoria Tower and 757 Orleans handed out AMEX gift cards to the first couple of agents attending their broker open. Despite the massive buckets of snow that were dumped on the city that day, agents still scrambled to the events early in hopes of nabbing a gift card, and stayed around to enjoy the free grub and beverages.

Sibley Partners’ Wolf Ridge Condominiums in Northlake hosted their Grand Opening on Feb. 12 with a live jazz trio, LCD TV raffle and 4 percent commission. I asked if they needed help on the sax, but the trio wasn’t interested in being a quatro.

Lexington Homes will play the real host to Fat Tuesday on Feb. 16 as Jeff Benach’s Lexington Square in Bridgeport hands out $50 gift cards to the first 10 attendees and provides lunch from Heaven on Seven. Some advice, Jeffy, don’t hand out the gift cards until the attendees have been present for 30 minutes — great way to avoid the “win and dash.”

If you’re feeling too fat, that same day CA23 will host a Healthy Living/Living Lux party where guests are invited to explore the model unit of CA23 with some champagne. Personal fitness advice will be provided from Aaron Manheimer, trainer for the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club, along with low-calorie concoctions from All American fresh food expert Mustard Girl. I wonder if the champagne is low-calorie, too, because that would be sort of gross.

WCR Chicago is back in action with Part Two of Planning and Adapting your Real Estate Strategy with social networking tips at 10 E. Delaware on Feb. 17. I was asked to remind everyone that WCR events are not just for women. In fact, with the ratio of gals to guys at these events you male agents should be lining up like there was a free gift card on the line.

RE/MAX Platinum and its broker/owner Sylvia Martinez-Johnson, along with her seven agents, have returned to the office’s original location at 1931 S. State St. in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood after a six-month stay at 1915 S. Michigan Ave. I’m sure that two-block move was a toughy.

Northfield Group is offering a $60,000 savings on their luxurious townhomes and rowhomes at Millbrook Pointe in Wheeling through March. Imagine how that extra money could be helpful when entering your local March Madness pool. Speaking of which, I think Syracuse looks good this year.

Birthdays! Feb. 23 is a big day with both David Kasprisin and the lovely Jill Hare celebrating. Poor Bill Diehl is on his own on Feb. 25.

Do you miss me during the week when my column doesn’t brighten your life? I’ve now figured out how to use my computer and am sending out tweets, though I prefer to call them twits. Follow the gossip at @CAgentX.
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