Defining a Deal

by Chicago Agent

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love a great deal. I don’t just mean right now in our “difficult” economy, I’m talking about all the time. When you compliment friends on their new shirt, do they ever brag about nabbing it on sale for a low price? Do you treasure those shoes you found for half-off more than the others? If people are this excited about a deal on a piece of clothing, imagine how ecstatic your clients will be over a steal on a home!

While the above-mentioned situations have to do simply with price, that is not always what constitutes a great deal in terms of a home. Sometimes upgrades or a parking space thrown into the mix can make a client as happy as can be even if the price remains the same. For a family with three small children, having a park a block away in a great school district could make a more expensive home a better deal. For a commuter, being a block away from a train is more attractive than a home hidden away in an amenities-filled subdivision that might appeal to someone else.

The truth is, a great price is always going to move a sale along. However, it is your job as an agent to highlight the other ways that a property is a perfect fit for a client. In this buyer’s market, everyone thinks that they should be getting homes for a fraction of the price, but as the market returns this will not be the case. Also, in order for things to head back to normal, this can’t be the case. Therefore, you must find ways to make homes more attractive to a particular buyer by highlighting the many ways the listing is a steal.

If you really get to know your listings, every one of them has something special to offer certain buyers. Claudia Langman’s listing on our cover is located on busy Milwaukee Avenue in the heart of Bucktown. Two parking spots are included in the price, putting buyers smack dab in the middle of the action and near a train, without worrying about a place to put their car. This won’t appeal to everyone, but to some this is a dream come true and the start of a great deal. On top of that, the unique floor plan makes the home memorable and appealing.

For our cover story, we asked some Chicagoland Realtors to define what makes a great deal, and identify how to make sure your clients realize what they are getting. If you successfully convince your clients that you’ve found them a steal of a deal, then they’ll be happy to use your services the next time, and recommend you to their friends.

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