Luxury Lives On

by Chicago Agent

Have no fear readers – luxury is still all around us. Agents have reported that these high-end homes might sit a little bit longer, but imagine the rewards an agent can reap when those puppies sell! If you have patience and perseverance, then maybe the luxury niche is something you should explore. 

Getting ready for this issue is always a lot of fun, because I get to see some of the most luxurious and expensive properties on the market. For our cover shoot, our art director Kevin and I headed up to Barrington Hills to capture the monstrous beauty you see on the front. I basically fall in love with every property I see – making me either your favorite potential client or your worst nightmare – and the home on the cover absolutely took the cake. 

It was a rainy day, but that made the acres of green grass look more lush and appealing. As we drove up the private road to the house three little deer scurried out of our path and hid among the acres of pine trees. When we entered the home, we were greeted by a huge living room with soaring 30-foot ceilings and a glass wall with a view of a lake and mini waterfall nestled in the private expanded backyard. Just when I thought it was enough, we were given a tour of the master suite with a bathroom larger than my entire home. Next, we spotted an outdoor hot tub hidden among the trees, and Kevin made a basket on his first try in the basketball court. Don’t even get me started on the lower level with its wine cellar and home theater; I would’ve been happy living in just one room of that amazing piece of work. 

The luxury market is not for every agent. There is a special skill that is required when dealing with these kinds of buyers and properties. For instance, it’s great to appreciate the beauty in the listings you’re showing, but I’d say it’s best to avoid the gushing and wide-eyed staring that I tend to do on a tour of these fancy homes. Also, there are many homes that have features that are completely unnecessary, but don’t let your clients know you feel that way!

Despite what you may be thinking, the luxury market is still thriving, and some homes are more luxurious than ever. There is a reason why our Luxury issue is one of the most popular every year, and this one is no different. Keep your mind open as you read our cover story, and see if this is a direction you’d like to take your business. If nothing else, you’ll get the chance to peek at some amazing homes.

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