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by Chicago Agent

By Tripti Kasal

I have been in the real estate industry a long time, long enough to remember a time when we did not have voice mail or cell phones. Also long enough to have experienced large, cumbersome listing books. I can also remember a time long ago when our business relationships were not pleasant. 

In the past, we had the information, and the client had to come to us for it. Realtors had the listing data, while mortgage brokers had the financing information. The person with the best information won the race. How we treated our clients was different because we had the power. Additionally, we treated each other differently as well. We did not share information, and Realtors were suspicious of each other. We were afraid to share anything because we were competitors and our product was information. We were not about to give that precious product away! 

Fast forward to today, where we have the Internet and countless other sources of information, and so do each one of our clients. At this point, our businesses have truly become all about the relationship, the relationships with our clients and the relationships we have with one another. What a relief, we can now work as a community of professionals who share information and camaraderie. Granted, some of the old-timers did not “get the memo,” but they’ll come around or they won’t be around.

This is the reason The Women’s Council of Realtor’s is so important to me — it’s about relationships. WCR enables like-minded real estate professionals to share information, improve their skills and explore ways to better serve our clients. The synergy creates energy that elevates us as professionals. With WCR you are given the opportunity to meet a mentor, learn a new skill and find a new networking partner all within our industry. 

The Women’s Council of Realtor’s hosts monthly meetings that are open to both members and non-members. Each meeting is designed to be an educational experience, a networking opportunity and a good time! A rookie Realtor will find themselves seated next to a veteran top producer, while a lender may meet a new real estate attorney that can help get their client through a sticky deal. It is also important to note that WCR is not just an organization for women, as men are welcome to join and become active members. However, our leadership and our name belong to women. 

The Chicago Chapter of WCR will hold most of our monthly meetings in 2009 in a new construction sales center. This is our way of working with our city’s developers and showing them support and helping provide exposure, while also strengthening relationships. 

If you are in interesting in learning more about WCR, contact our president, Lauren Mitrick, at lmitrick@gmail.com. 

Tripti Kasal is the broker owner of Real Living Infinity, and also the president-elect of WCR, Chicago Chapter. She can be reached at Tripti.Kasal@RealLiving.com.

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