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by Chicago Agent

By Bob Wolfe
As any Realtor knows, working on the go is the nature of the business. While this can be a challenge, arming yourself with the right tools can make all the difference. A plethora of products exist today to keep AmericaÕs Realtors moving from open houses to client lunches. But, how can you keep yourself mobile without putting a dent in your wallet? Staples has a variety of products that provide solutions for the mobile office.

Keep Your Files on Hand
While many businesses have the luxury of connecting easily to their shared network drive to access files, those on the go need another way to keep files handy. One solution is a swivel top Relay USB Flash Drive, which allows you to keep all of your files mobile and in one place. Staples also offers online documents/files storage for items you might need to print on short notice. Next time you run out of business cards or sell sheets, you can log on to staplescopycenter.com and request more. The store will have them printed and ready for pickup within an hour.

Know Your Contacts
Networking is a great way to make connections with other Realtors, as well as meet potential clients. But, keeping all those cards on hand, all the time, is not easy. A business card scanner enables you to capture, organize and manage your contacts, as well as create a digital address book or sync with Outlook. This allows your contacts to be digitally stored and never out of reach.

Find a Better Way to Organize
Organizing print outs of your housing and apartment listings can be a dauntless task; however, the Better Binder has made it easier to keep yourself in check without the worry of a flimsy binder. The Better Binder features a combination of durable plastic and reinforced rubberized spine and edges to enable heavy use without splitting. The improved ring mechanism features an easy-open button design and D-rings, which hold 25 percent more paper than round rings. The flexible spine enables the cover to be bent back, which takes up less space on any surface. Perfect for any terrain, as you hop from a condo in Uptown to a single-family home in Lombard.

DonÕt Leave Your Style at the Office
You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so when you meet new clients and potential homeowners, do it with style so that you stand out from the rest.

Staples has created a new collection of products known as M by Staples. M Ñ which stands for ÒMy style. My wayÓ Ñ is designed to allow for self-expression in any work setting. The products are high quality, without the high prices. If you need to write down a quick note or you have a group of files you need to transport on showings, you can have matching case files, jotters and more.

Whether you are a Realtor working on the go from the car or just shuttling back and forth from the home office to work, there are plenty of products that can make it easier to keep your important documents together.

Bob Wolfe is the regional vice president for Staples. With Staples for 11 years, Wolfe operates stores in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. For more information, visit Staples.com or call 1.800.3STAPLE.

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