Second, Third and Fourth Homes

by Chicago Agent

By Agent X
There are plenty of people out there with second homes, but what really gets me excited is the thought of having three or four homes. Imagine having the ability to jet set from coast to coast with a nice pad to lay your weary head at every turn. Be ambitious, why waste your time pitching that second home, when you could be pitching a third or fourth home?

Perhaps your clients don’t realize that they need additional homes, so why not throw the idea out there? If you hear one complaint about the heat, remind them that a second home by the beach on the East Coast would be a perfect solution for those hot summer days. And when winter rolls around, selling that second home in balmy Florida should be a snap. There are 50 states out there, so why should anyone settle for just living in one? Give this some thought after reading the latest gossip that I’ve scrounged up for my loyal readers.

Bad news for Larry Luckett, formerly of GMAC Home Mortgage Inc., who was one of the 67 Chicagoans arrested in the mortgage fraud sting sweeping the nation known as “Operation Malicious Mortgage.” I have to wonder, can a mortgage really be malicious?

Greener pastures might just be out there, as Chicago recently approved a revised development plan for Ricker-Murphy’s Lincoln Park 2520, where seven single-family homes will be added to the condo plan instead of 10, to make room for a larger park space. RMI will also be reducing the total number of units 23 percent. Apparently American Invsco will have nothing to do with these since they were recently kicked off the project and replaced with Rubloff. This may have something to do with its reputation of being connected to over 57 percent of all foreclosure cases filed against original buyers, but that’s just between you and me.

Draper & Kramer has paid $11.6 million for the current site of Hot Diggity Dog hot dog stand where it plans to build a condominium and hotel tower. $11.6 million could pay for a lot of hot dogs.

Agent X is weary from all the events the last few weeks, which is good because it means business must be picking up! Or perhaps all that partying is an effort to drown sorrows?

Last week @properties hosted its first annual internal @expo where agents were able to go around and familiarize themselves with each tool. Insert whatever joke you’d like here, it’s just too easy.

Millie Rosenbloom hosted a broker open for the 100-year-old Taylor Mansion on Dearborn, which is just slightly older than yours truly.

June 23 proved to be a popular day at the golf course, as WCR, RANWC and Harbor Isles Resort in Michigan all hosted a golf outing. One could’ve been blinded by all of of the plaid and argyle everywhere. National City’s Joe McBreen, the preferred lender for Harbor Isles, wins the Agent X award for best outfit.

Crown Heights Realty showcased their available condo hotel inventory with a tour and cocktails at Sixteen, while Camelot Realty hosted a margarita night at its new development at 4809 N. California.

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