Bonnie Vasilion, Chase Private Client Senior Home Lending Advisor

JPMorgan Chase

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Bonnie Vasilion has first-hand experience living on the beautiful lakes of southeast Wisconsin. “I understand how special it is to live in such a desirable place,” she says. “And, of course, the Lake Geneva and southeast Wisconsin lakes are among the nicest places to live.”

A licensed architect, Vasilion always had a passion for buildings. “Before I became a lender, over 21 years ago, I felt I missed some good investment opportunities because I didn’t receive creative financing advice,” she says. “One of the main reasons I decided to make a career in finance was so I could help my customers optimize their assets and grow their wealth by offering the best financing options possible.”

Vasilion lends in all 50 states, mainly working with jumbo financing for primary residences and second homes, but she also works with affordable lending programs. “With all the changes in where people choose to live as a result of remote work, I am fortunate that I’m able to lend in all 50 states,” she says. “I would estimate that half of my business is for people purchasing second homes or relocating.”

Vasilion’s clients tell her they can tell from their first conversation that she treats all her clients’ transactions as if they were her own. “My professional goal throughout my lending career has always been to have the highest customer satisfaction ratings, not to close the highest volume,” she says. “Ironically, that has put me in the top volume tiers at the lenders I have worked for, without even thinking about it.”

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