Erin O’Donnell, Broker

@properties Christie’s International Real Estate

A career as a commodities broker on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade prepared Erin O’Donnell for a life in real estate. “I learned how to cope in high pressure situations and find a resolution without adding additional stress,” O’Donnell explains. “It also taught me not to panic.” A broker for @properties Christie’s International Real Estate, O’Donnell started in commercial real estate before moving to residential. “My favorite part of my job is brokering the deal.”

A Chicago native, O’Donnell grew up in the western suburbs and for the last 15 years has lived on the north side, which is her primary service area. “When I started eight years ago, I took on any opportunity that came my way because I wanted to learn it all,” she remembers. “To this day, I don’t give up, and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do my best to find it.” Since the pandemic, many acquaintances were interested in purchasing property in Florida, which persuaded her to grow her business by becoming licensed there.

Direct and to the point, O’Donnell believes being honest and straightforward achieves the best results. “I also think there should be an element of fun, so while being professional, I want the process to be enjoyable,” she shares. Known for never compromising when looking out for her clients, she focuses on making herself available. “I hope my clients feel comfortable communicating their needs to me and trust I will give them the best service possible.”

In her spare time, O’Donnell helps coach middle school girls volleyball and enjoys golfing, running, working out, attending sporting events and concerts, and, of course, hanging out with her husband and two kids. “After undergoing knee surgery in the second half of 2021, I went through extensive physical therapy,” she shares. “My goal was to be able to run again at full speed and duration, and I am proud to say I accomplished that in early spring 2022!”

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