Mike Rasmussen, broker


Before starting his career in real estate, Mike Rasmussen worked in property management where he found himself working overtime to remedy his tenants’ issues. After losing his job friends suggested he look into a career in real estate but he initially scoffed at the idea because he “wasn’t built for sales.” It wasn’t long until he realized that wasn’t the case at all.

“After networking with some other veteran agents, I quickly realized that a Realtor is far more of a trusted advisor than a salesperson,” he says. “I loved the idea of working with clients with who I could build lasting relationships with. So I signed up for the exam, went all-in full-time and have never looked back. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made and I now see that fateful day where I lost my job as a massive blessing in disguise.”

Besides property management, he also credits his experience in corporate finance, as well as carpentry to help him with everything from effective business communication strategies, as well as an understanding of the inner workings of buildings from structure to space to waterproofing.

Last year, despite the pandemic, he was successful listing three separate condominiums in a smaller boutique building in the Gold Coast.

“Any agent will tell you that word-of-mouth referrals are the biggest compliment we can receive,” he says. “The fact that I was able to create a chain of referrals in the building was a sign to me that my level of service was exactly where I wanted it to be.”

After three years in the business, Rasmussen teamed up with BAUER | BUSSELL because although he already built his brand and business, he said it made sense for them to be more formally collaborative. “A real estate transaction involves a lot of problem-solving. So having two very talented agents to bounce ideas/questions off of at all times is extremely valuable,” he says.

He attributes self-introspection as being instrumental in his success.

“Being able to honestly assess my weaknesses/strengths and emotions on a daily basis has been crucial to my success,” he says. “A career in real estate never stops and is very heavily integrated with my daily life. If I’m feeling off, I’m not serving my clients at the best of my ability. Taking some time to be introspective and figure out what I need, or why I’m feeling ‘off’ has served me well. And in this business, stress can certainly be a factor.

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