Jason M. Bianco & Kim Dobyns



Jason M. Bianco, Home Loan Consultant

Kim Dobyns, Community Lending Specialist

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, home loan consultant Jason Bianco and community lending specialist Kim Dobyns bring uncommon wisdom and experience to the art of lending. Specializing in first-time home buyers and particularly adept when it comes to supporting low- and middle-income borrowers, these lenders help many Chicago families realize the dream of homeownership.

“We bring a versatile background between the two of us,” Dobyns says. “Jason is someone who grew up with lending as the family business, and I got into it as a single mom, so we both love seeing happy families find their perfect homes.” Though the two operate individual businesses at LoanDepot.com, they work in tandem, sharing a common promise that they’ll cherish every client, whether the borrower has a credit score of 580 or 800. “The most important part of our business is following up,” Bianco says. “We answer every call, we respond quickly to emails — usually within an hour — and we go the extra mile.” Clients appreciate that they take time to learn their individual goals, dreams, needs and fears.

“Clients call us trusted friends and advisors,” Dobyns says. “We’ve been working with many clients for years, seeing their children grow and earning referrals from them for new clients.” Leaning on one another for inspiration, advice and encouragement, Bianco and Dobyns make a point of conducting their business consistently. This includes assessing clients’ credit scores and situations, financial health, family needs and plans. They then take the time to explain every piece of the process, so clients feel empowered and informed throughout. “We do our business personally, one-on-one,” Bianco says. “Our clients are 99% referrals and self-generated. Being there for someone when they need you and helping make it happen is a gift.”

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