Dave Nimick, Broker & Strategic Real Estate Consultant

Keller Williams

After 20 years in real estate, Dave Nimick, broker and strategic real estate consultant at Keller Williams, has weathered some of the most memorable challenges in the real estate market. He endured the changes to the market and tone of American life in the wake of 9/11 back in 2001. He then survived the mortgage meltdown of 2008. Now he can say he’s kept right on trucking in the face of a global pandemic in 2020.

“I’ve served over 1,000 clients since I started in this business, and I’ve been in the Chicago area for 28 years now,” says Nimick. “Professionalism, responsiveness, a helpful spirit and realistic, straightforward communication wins it every time.” He says his clients appreciate that he addresses potential concerns upfront and has a plan to solve them before they pose an issue. In that spirit, Nimick addressed the challenges of the last year the same way he does most, remarking, “I simply want clients to have 100% comfort that they are being protected and their best interests are driving this process.” He moves toward that goal with buyers across the Chicagoland area, ranging from single families and first-timers to seasoned investors.

Nimick’s approach as a fierce negotiator and diligent communicator with a systematic approach to his business is what he says has helped him become one of only 125 out of 45,000 agents to receive the Five Star Professional award all 10 years it’s been featured — an award given solely on the basis of outstanding client service. In a year with a wild market and uncertain environment, Nimick says it’s all about the basics of customer service.

“Every year, studies show that what sellers and buyers want most from an agent is constructive, realistic guidance without unnecessary fluff,” he notes. With a relaxed, supportive approach, Nimick’s style of client service withstands whatever challenges he faces, year after year.

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