Angelo Lurgio, Loan Originator, NMLS #755870

Wintrust Mortgage

Angelo Lurgio, a loan originator with Wintrust Mortgage, started his journey more than three decades ago when he was aligning with fitness clients in a health club sales team. Now 29 years in the mortgage industry, Lurgio says, one thing remains the same.

“You have to listen to what your client needs and cater to that,” he says. “Whether it’s a first-time home buyer, a VA loan or an FHA client, truly understanding my clients’ needs has been instrumental to my success.” Having overcome countless market changes, the mortgage meltdown of the Great Recession, and now COVID-19’s inherent challenges, Lurgio says his adaptable business style continues to prove its value for him and his clients.

“I adapt to what they need, whether that’s speed, knowledge, consulting or a combination thereof.” Always easily reached and approachable, Lurgio is known for responding quickly to modern communication – while also embracing face-to-face meetings. A regular feature on the Wintrust President’s Club roster, Lurgio feels proud of the fact that he’s able to remain in the leading echelon of such a large group of skilled lenders. “With so many industry changes and such high volumes to process, it helps having the experience I do and having the right answer for unique situations.”

Lurgio’s clientele today is an equal mix of referrals and past clients, and while he enjoys working with those who already know his signature style of doing business, he embraces the opportunity to prove himself to new clients whenever possible. “I make myself available to them, and I take this job quite seriously. If there’s a problem with a file, I am thinking about it even when I’m at home,” he says.

This dedication is just part of how Lurgio has been able to experience his best year yet, despite the challenges of a pandemic.

“I want to get my borrowers the perfect home, whether it’s their first home or their tenth.”

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