Ryan Moran, President and Managing Broker

Option Realty Group

Whether it’s a pandemic or a housing crisis that changes how business is conducted overnight, Ryan Moran is always quick to adapt his approach.

“Coloring outside of the lines is sometimes where you get the best results or learn some good lessons,” says Moran, managing broker and president of Option Realty Group. “Even though a home purchase or sale is a huge decision, I try to be very relaxed with the whole process while advocating for my clients and guiding them along the way.”

Moran’s territory is Naperville and the surrounding suburbs, the region he grew up in, which makes it easy for him to sell there. His interest in real estate began in high school after watching Carleton Sheets’ infomercials late at night. But he would not indulge that interest until 2002, when he grew tired of the hospitality industry and made a career change.

In the last few months, Moran has seen a lot of changes in how society lives and interacts, leaving some brokers and brokerages unsure of how to conduct business. But not him. “We acted quickly and created our Showing Shield program to help keep everyone safe while still being able to show and sell homes,” he says. “We also created sealed pouches with gloves, a mask and sanitizing wipes that we provide to all buyers viewing our listings in person or attending showings.”

Before the pandemic, the company was already heavily invested in 3D modeling and virtual tours through its in-house media partner. With the shelter-in-place order, the technology Moran was using made it easy for him to modify the rules and require potential buyers to do virtual tours of listings before scheduling in-person appointments.

A member of the Forbes Real Estate Council since last year, Moran has learned how to tackle countless unusual issues in his 18-year career, giving clients a solid edge over the competition.

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