Andrew Chevalier, Senior Home Lending Advisor

JPMorgan Chase

Fresh out of college and undecided on what his next move would be, Andrew Chevalier was clear on one thing: He wanted to make money without piling up student loan debt. After recognizing the boundless potential that real estate offered, he quickly signed on. “The limitless income, combined with the competitive environment, is what got me into the business,” Chevalier says.

Chevalier became a mortgage lender in 2006, right on the cusp of one of the worst financial crises in modern history. “It was tough, but it wasn’t a complete setback,” he says. “I felt fortunate because I was so new to the business, so it was a huge opportunity to get in and grow while the more seasoned pros were exiting.”

A two-time winner of JPMorgan Chase’s National Achiever award, Chevalier was also nominated for the Illinois Mortgage Bankers Association’s award for Best Mortgage Loan Officer at a Large Bank in both 2018 and 2019. “I share the credit for these achievements with my team, which happens to be the best in the industry,” Chevalier says. “My assistant and processor are two of the finest in the country, and it’s no secret why clients rave about them.”

Specializing in jumbo residential mortgages and refinances, Chevalier often partners with the top private client advisors at JPMorgan Chase to find creative lending solutions for their most affluent borrowers. “Clients love the creative solutions we come up with to save them money or get them more favorable pricing,” he says.

Known for his charming sense of humor, Chevalier actively listens to his clients to learn their goals even when they don’t know how to articulate them. He also does his best to set filtered expectations based on what he knows about the client. “If I know their hot buttons, I can alert them to any issues we might have so they can be prepared for them,” he says.

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