Garrison Partners

Garrison Partners

Garry Benson, Christine Lutz, Mary Izzo

Real Estate Consultant, Real Estate Consultant, Vice President of Administration
Garrison Partners Consulting

In a single phrase, “site advocacy” is what makes Garrison Partners Consulting unique. Its sales team receives in-house training on every aspect of the development and sales process, and unlike other firms, all of Garrison’s sales personnel focus on just one single site, making for better communication and more effective sales.

The company has several active projects, including Van Buren Lofts and The Loft Condominiums at Trio in Chicago, The Everleigh in Des Plaines and The Point Condominiums and RiverCrest Condominiums in Milwaukee, Wisc., and is in the final phase of a 110-unit, $45 million condominium conversion in Milwaukee from Garrison Partners’ own portfolio.

With 35, 20 and 15 years in the industry, respectively, Garry Benson, Christine Lutz and Mary Izzo all agree that the fact that Garrison Partners is thriving in a tough market proves how strong and successful the company’s philosophy is. At the peak of the market, it managed over $3 billion of for-sale residential real estate throughout the U.S., with a staff of 100-plus. Although today their team is smaller, their success within the banking and lending community and their strategic monetization methodology has provided them an enormous platform from which to succeed.

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