Richard Kasper, Tim Sheahan, Sean J. Conlon

Richard Kasper, Tim Sheahan, Sean J. Conlon

Realtor, Partner, Chairman/Owner | CONLON: A Real Estate Company

CONLON: A Real Estate Company “has quickly risen as one of Chicago’s premiere brokerages,” according to Richard Kasper. “We encourage and promote a family atmosphere where all agents work together to fully cater to the needs of our buyers and sellers alike.” After creating the company with Partner Tim Sheahan and Chairman/Owner Sean Conlon, it has tripled from its original size and currently employs almost 135 agents. In two years, CONLON has seen tremendous growth, with the promise of expanding even more. Though it is a Chicago-based brokerage, its reach extends nationally. Currently, the company’s projects include condo buildings in Palm Beach, Fla., and Austin, Tex., a shopping center development in North Carolina, and vacation homes in Michigan.

“I want CONLON to be recognized as the brokerage where the agents have more in common with wealth and investments advisors than the traditional transactional real estate agent who care only about one deal,” says Conlon. The three founders’ attitudes speaks volumes to their success, even in times where the market is not as promising as it could be. “This market has taught everyone to be flexible and open-minded to new opportunities,” says Sheahan. “I think the market is starting to show signs of life and CONLON will be positioned very well when the turnaround happens.”

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