Tim Brigham and Tariq “TK” Khwaja

Tim Brigham
“TK” – Tariq Khwaja
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Tim Brigham and Tariq “TK” Khwaja are obsessed with what they do. “It’s a lifestyle, a dream and a passion all balled into one fantastic career,” Brigham says. “We obsess over how to be the masters of our craft.” And masters they are. Together, they make up the Chicago-based TNT Team powered by Waterstone Mortgage and have a national client base including local families using a down payment assistance program, to an NFL player and even celebrities. “We apply our skills and knowledge to all folks of all different walks of life,” Khwaja says. “It’s really amazing the diversity of people you meet in the industry.”

Within the last year, the TNT Team broke their monthly volume record twice and had their highest funding year. They also joined with Waterstone Mortgage, a decision made after evaluating their current track record and examining their goals for the future. And on a personal level, Khwaja was featured as a CS Modern Luxury Real Estate Visionary for the second year in a row and Brigham graced the cover of Chicago Agent magazine.

Not only are Brigham and Khwaja obsessed with their work within the real estate industry, they’re also passionate about giving back. A few years ago, they founded The Superhero Collective, a nonprofit devoted to improving the lives of sick children within the city and suburbs. “It is something we are truly proud of and can look forward to giving back more to those in need in the future,” Khwaja says.

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