Lawrence Dunning

Lawrence Dunning

Main Street Real Estate Group

No matter where he is, Lawrence Dunning makes himself available to take business calls. As a residential broker with Main Street Real Estate Group and the landlord of multiple commercial buildings, Dunning works with a wide range of clients, though he focuses primarily on selling to multi-unit investors. Drawing on his extensive first-hand experience, he’s able to guide those interested in creating a successful passive income stream from real estate investments.

Within the last year, Dunning co-founded a real estate investment group with his construction partner at CBA Property Management, “working with investors to create solid double-digit, property-backed investment returns from rehabbing multi-units,” he explains. “I know of no other vehicles to create such high and safe investment yields.”

This current venture isn’t the first time Dunning has thrived while running his own company. Prior to joining the real estate industry, he was a fixed-income derivatives trader for eight years, starting at a company based in London and Amsterdam right after graduating from the University of Exeter. Eventually, he relocated to their offices in the States. Three years after leaving his hometown in England, Dunning set up his own trading company, which he ran for five years. “I welcome the opportunity to reinvent myself,” he explains. “I believe we should never get stuck in the same careers and get stale.”

After transitioning to real estate, Dunning has continued to rely on the same strong-willed determination that earned him success in finance. He cites “the ability to hustle…but to be smart and efficient about [it]” as one of the primary factors responsible for his achievements.

When he’s not working, Dunning enjoys traveling around the world to teach and compete in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and volunteering with Chicago-area dog rescues.

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