Jim Pomposelli

Jim Pomposelli

Vice President of Private Mortgage Banking
PERL Mortgage

After working 12 years as an investment banker in the asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities market, making the switch to the real estate industry made sense for Jim Pomposelli. Moving to mortgage loan origination allowed him to continue working with financial transactions in an entrepreneurial environment, with the added bonus of getting to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership. And help people he has according to more than 80 positive Yelp testimonials, enough to make him one of the highest-ranked mortgage bankers in Chicago!

If you read his testimonials, a few themes will likely stick out. Trustworthy. Professional. Delivers on promises. One attribute that Pomposelli is particularly proud of is his communication skills. “It is critical to make sure that all parties constantly receive updated information and that everyone knows how the transaction is progressing. The same basic communication principles used to manage a $1 billion bond transaction need to be applied to a $400K mortgage to achieve the best results for buyers, sellers, realtors and attorneys,” he tells us. “Successful transaction management is driven by excellent communication.”

Though Pomposelli loves working with first-time homeowners, his expertise working with Fortune 100 companies means he’s equally at home working with luxury and repeat investment buyers. In fact, his expertise extends into a number of markets, including foreign national mortgage products, jumbo loans and Veteran Affairs loans. Whatever type of transaction he’s working with, no matter how big or small, he brings the same enthusiasm and professionalism that his clients can count on.

When not working, Pomposelli enjoys doing volunteer work for his alma mater, Georgetown University, as well as the Boy Scouts, in which he serves as Troop Committee Chairman for Boy Scout Troop 1, which serves 50 boys in the Chicago area. He proudly tells us that his love for his alma mater and the Scouts is shared by his sons: his oldest son was just accepted to and will be attending Georgetown, and his youngest son just completed his Eagle Scout project.

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