Christina Ewing

Christina Ewing

Senior Mortgage Advisor
PERL Mortgage

Christina Ewing became a loan originator at 19 and has never looked back. Eighteen years later, she still has as much enthusiasm for the job as ever. “Helping people from all different walks of life get a mortgage is never boring and is very rewarding,” she says. “I thank my lucky stars that I took that telemarketing job at a small mortgage broker and found my calling.” Today, Ewing is a senior mortgage advisor for PERL Mortgage, and in 2016, she was on Mortgage Executive magazine’s Top 1 Percent list.

Ewing’s strong work ethic has been key to her success in real estate. “My clients know that no matter what happens, I will be working extraordinarily hard on their behalf, at all times,” she says. Ewing ensures that every loan she originates closes, even when faced with new challenges, like this year when she had to navigate complex situations with self-employed borrowers and borrowers with unique compensation structures. “In one case, we were confronted with a compensation package that nobody had seen before. We worked with the investor to get approval for this new kind of income source, which was a tough process, and we still closed on time.”

Ewing offers mortgage products geared toward most types of buyers. Her clients often note her personal attention, responsiveness to their concerns, timeliness and professionalism. Since joining PERL Mortgage in 2015, she’s continued to grow her business and build a strong team that delivers great results and customer service. “This team is the best I’ve ever assembled. It’s not an accident that the extremely positive customer reviews have been flooding in like never before!” she says.

Ewing also volunteers with local organization Hephzibah Children’s Association, which helps children and families flourish through community-based programs. “Together with several other dedicated volunteers, we coordinated an event with record-breaking success. We hope to replicate the same next year,” she said. Ewing also does yoga and enjoys trying new recipes. “I am an avid yoga practitioner, and I love to explore new recipes and have my husband cook them for me!”

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