TJ Flodin


TJ Flodin

Branch Manager, Chicago
1st Advantage Mortgage, a Draper and Kramer Company

TJ Flodin’s career in lending has all the signs of a hard worker devoted to his clients: inclusion in 1st Advantage Mortgage’s President’s Club every year since 2002, recognition as a top 1 percent producer for 2015 by Mortgage Executive magazine, and membership in IAMP and NAMB. His experiences in management – he owned a restaurant for several years, and then moved into sales management – helped him hone the skills that make him an effective leader and a sterling example for his team.

When Flodin made his transition into lending, he says he only needed the briefest of introductions to mortgage originating before he was hooked. A friend in the industry requested his help during a busy period, and as Flodin puts it, “After I started closing loans, I never looked back!” His clients come from all walks of life, and he enjoys every chance he gets to educate them on the financing process, noting that some of his clients are investors who own multiple rental properties – something Flodin himself has firsthand experience with. He acknowledges that no matter the client’s background, buying property is a major purchase, and attentive service to support that purchase is key. “I have been described by my clients as having a direct, matter-of-fact, get-it-done approach,” he says. “I strive to make the mortgage experience as fast and easy as possible for all parties involved.”

But it is not just clients who appreciate Flodin’s approach. “I also manage a team of loan officers, and I’m focused on supporting them and helping them achieve higher production levels year after year,” he says. While it’s satisfying to see his team reach new heights in terms of production, Flodin maintains that balancing work and a personal life is key. “Loan officers must have a good team so they can do as much business as possible, get loans closed, and still have time for other things.”

For Flodin, that means time for his family. “My inspiration and my motivation is my family,” he says, referring to his two children and his wife, who he describes as “a brilliant and beautiful career woman and a great mom.”

Flodin fits right into a company culture he says has been described as “bright, young, fun, and energetic.” At the end of the day, he’s driven to provide the best home financing solutions for those he serves. “The client is always No. 1 in my eyes.”

Thanks to AtWater Apartments for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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