Tim Brigham


Tim Brigham

LPO Manager Chicago Region
Evolve Bank and Trust

“This is not a job; it’s a lifestyle,” says Tim Brigham when asked to describe his career as a loan production officer. The profession is not for the weak at heart, he says, a truth he learned firsthand during the subprime meltdown. Brigham unexpectedly found himself counselor, friend, and guru to people struggling to overcome unexpected mortgage complications. He made the cover of Top Agent magazine this year, earned the Five-Star Professional Award in 2016 and 2015, and received accolades for his children’s charity in various press outlets. “Mortgage lending is about people’s lives, not just sales or deals, so I like to think I excel at simplifying complicated situations to ease their anxiety.”

A Tucson native, Brigham’s relocation to Chicago fed his entrepreneurial spirit because, as he puts it, “you can wake up with a dream here and go to sleep feeling like you’re one step closer to achieving it.” He primarily works with luxury buyers, but is equally passionate serving each client. The same is true of his team members. “I can only teach them so much. Their success is ultimately the result of their talent and hard work,” he says. “I do not take credit for what they accomplish, but I do try to be a catalyst for greatness. I’ve never been more proud to collaborate each day with such a superb group of people who constantly motivate me to do my best.”

Brigham also makes clear that, in his opinion, hard work beats talent. “That’s my motto,” he says, “because I’ll outwork anyone, any day of the week!” That includes the training he recently underwent to participate in the Real Estate Rumble, a charity boxing event. In addition, he is the founder of The Superhero Collective, a nonprofit he started by dressing up as Batman to visit children in the hospital. “If I can take a child away from feeling sick for even a minute, then I’ll do whatever it takes.”

His own children never cease to amaze him, and he strives to lead a life that will make them proud. “I tell myself every day to be the kind of person my kids deserve, and I know those are some serious shoes to fill!” he says. Brigham wants his children to know they can achieve whatever they want to, and considers himself living proof. “I’ve done everything I’ve set out to do, and now the sky’s the limit,” he says. “I think freedom is the true measure of success. I’m happy knowing I have the freedom to grow my business each day, and I could not be more proud.”

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