Sandra Salas


Sandra Salas

Mortgage Loan Officer
Fifth Third Bank

Chicagoland native Sandra Salas is known for her strong work ethic. “I want the borrowers I work with to know I’m with them every step of the way, so I don’t mind putting in the long hours necessary to help them achieve their homeownership goal,” she explains. Her 12 years in the lending profession have allowed her the opportunity her to change people’s lives for the better. “Knowing I can help make a significant difference when it comes to helping others find a place to call home is extremely gratifying, and makes the hard work all worth it.”

Well versed in all loan types, Salas mostly works with people looking to buy a primary residence, but she is equally skilled in helping those looking to purchase vacation and investment properties. Salas also understands the intricacies of home refinancing and works closely with homeowners looking to reduce their monthly mortgage with a lower interest rate.

Clients seek out Salas for her reputed ability to help them execute fast closings. This, she says, is one of her greatest professional achievements, and is integral to the reputation she enjoys as one of the best in the business. Salas further sets herself apart by gifting each buyer with a toolkit upon closing.

Salas’ negotiation skills enable her to make persuasive arguments when working with underwriters. “My pre-law courses in college paid off, even though I decided not to become an attorney,” she says, “I find what I’m doing much more rewarding and fulfilling than I would have found in any other career.”

Salas thanks her husband, Juan, and their four kids for inspiring and encouraging her to pursue a career in an industry with such volatile conditions. Although the industry can be difficult, the rewards certainly outweigh any challenges. In her rare free time, Salas volunteers at local shelters to support the homeless and those in need. “I’m always reminded of how grateful I am for what I have, so I just want to help others achieve the same happiness in life I’ve been so fortunate to enjoy.”

Thanks to The Residences at New City for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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