Prashanth Pathy


Prashanth Pathy

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Top producer Prashanth Pathy has helped people purchase and list homes for nearly a decade, but his experience working with clients seeking homeownership dates back to before he actually became a Realtor. A former mortgage lender, the Related Realty agent nds that his background in originating loans helps him strategically guide his clients through the lending process, which adds value to his offering and helps clients to nd the home that best meets their needs. Prashanth holds designation as a Certified Negotiation Expert, which, as he describes, “teaches me to understand the dynamics of every negotiation, because no two transactions are exactly alike and each requires a different approach to ensure successful execution.”

Pathy’s specializations include working with investors and growing families looking for a larger home. He also has extensive renovation experience, which he leverages to help clients determine the right price, whether they are searching for the ideal home or planning to list their home for sale. This, he says, provides an edge that not all agents can offer their clients. Pathy is an expert in many Downtown Chicago neighborhoods as well as Naperville. His clients have enlisted him to assist with investment opportunities and home purchases ranging from as little as $100,000 to $3 million-plus. Prashanth is willing and eager to work with anyone who seeks his services, regardless of their budget.

Like all agents, Prashanth’s clients’ needs vary. He aims to help each of them set realistic goals. “I am very direct with my opinions,” he adds. “My clients appreciate me because they know I respect them enough to be honest and put their best interest rst at all times.” Pathy manages expectations through ongoing communication to avoid surprises. “People hire me for a simple reason: to give them the truth seven days a week. It takes courage to tell people what they may not want to hear, but it builds trust and loyalty.”

Pathy is especially inspired by – and motivated to support – the underdog. “The ability to triumph in the face of adversity by demonstrating dedication and perseverance is at the core of the American Dream,” he says. “Everyone deserves a chance at their dreams. I’m here to give them that opportunity with their real estate needs.” A sports lover and volunteer for The Children’s Heart Foundation, Pathy says his career is made all the more rewarding because he loves every aspect of the work. “Life’s too short to not spend your time doing something that you’re passionate about day after day,” he says. “I love what do. It’s what gives my life purpose, and that’s why I never feel like what I do is work.”


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