Patrick Ryan


Patrick Ryan

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Patrick Ryan is a broker with Related Realty, and has 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is a consummate professional and a family man – a husband and father. If you ask Ryan, those are his defining characteristics. But in reality, he wears many more hats. Ryan has been a perennial top producer since 2007. He is also the 2016 president of FIABCI Chicago (the International Real Estate Federation), and a Million Dollar Guild member of The Institute of Luxury Home Marketing, where he also recently joined the group’s Advisory Board for Leaders in Luxury, the Institute’s annual conference that draws top luxury brokers from around the country.

Despite the obvious fit, real estate was not Ryan’s first career – though he did begin in sales. Prior to real estate, he spent eight years in pharmaceuticals, technology, and transportation, and the experience he gained was invaluable. “The formal training I received gives me a broader level of knowledge to apply to my work,” he explains, adding that this approach of applying lessons from past positions should be more widely utilized. “We can improve our level of service and expertise in real estate by observing best practices from other industries.”

The approach has worked for Ryan, who says his clients often have unique buying and selling scenarios. “All of my clients are different,” he admits, which is where his diverse background becomes so beneficial. The conglomeration of information Ryan has assembled over the years has equipped him to handle any situation, recognizing that at the core of every transaction, people just want to be treated fairly. “Clients do not want to feel taken advantage of,” he says, “they do not want the short end of the stick.” Regardless of socio-economic status, Ryan reminds that real estate evokes levels of emotions not native to encounters in many other industries. It is why he views the Realtor’s role to be so important. “We should always strive to be the best advisors and consultants we can be,” he says. “There’s too much information for a person unfamiliar with the market to adequately digest. Buyers and sellers need an experienced, accredited professional on their team.”

Ryan’s whole approach to handling his clients folds perfectly into his professional credo that puts clients first and foremost: be the best Realtor you can be. It is one of the reasons he dedicated himself to obtaining his Certified Residential Specialist designation. “It’s one of the hardest designations to get because it incorporates elements of performance and longevity,” he explains. And he’s right, it is hard to obtain – which is why only 3 percent of Realtors in the world have the CRS designation. “It definitely sets me apart from the pack.”

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