LG Construction + Development Group


Brian Goldberg – Partner
Marc Lifshin – Partner
Barry Howard – Partner / CFO
Amy Lusher – Development Marketing and Sales Director
Matt Wilke – Director / Chief Operations Officer

LG Construction + Development Group

The team at LG Construction + Development Group has a reputation
for innovation. Their approach to luxury single-family homes and urban residential, hospitality and commercial properties reflects an unparalleled understanding of today’s consumer expectations. Together, they possess nearly 75 years of experience and a mix of talents that have propelled them to success in Chicagoland and beyond.

Partners Brian Goldberg and Marc Lifshin launched LG 11 years ago
with a desire to “build cool things,” Lifshin says. Both hold engineering degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Lifshin is a National Homebuilders Association “Top 40 under 40” honoree. Goldberg’s background as a general contractor, carpenter and handyman gave him valuable experience serving clients. “We want our clients to be exceedingly happy with the final product, and our commitment to that goal helped us achieve outstanding growth even during the recession,” Goldberg explains. “That’s how we define success.”

CFO Barry Howard joined LG after a career in consulting. “I have an engineering degree, and development is a lot like engineering, because there are several parts to a solution, like securing and overseeing entitlements, permits, financing, and design before putting all of those pieces together,” he says. Howard has an MBA in real estate management from Northwestern University. “A good deal of my time is spent focusing on the equity for our developments and working with banks on financing and lending,” he says. An advocate for non-car transportation, he encourages his team to create transit-orientated developments (TOD), and is working to install Chicago’s first bike counter outside of 1241 N. Milwaukee in fall 2016. He also founded Herban Produce, a nonprofit farm in East Garfield Park. “We’re on track to grow 75,000 produce plants this year and we’re providing employment in a neighborhood that investors frequently overlook.”

Development Marketing and Sales Director Amy Lusher leverages her business degree to negotiate sales and manage buyer expectations.
“Many people only go through the process of building a home once in a lifetime, so we want that experience to be special,” she says. “We know how important and truly life changing this can be, so creating connections with people is essential to the client experience.” She acts as liaison and ensures seamless transactions on both the residential and retail sides of the business. Lusher is the mother of two small children, and believes the joy she takes in her work makes her a better mother. “The same way I want to provide something special for our clients is how I want to make life for my children, so those passions balance one another.”

LG Director and COO Matt Wilke’s love of architecture, construction, and building management shines through in his work. “I appreciate the visual impact our company makes on the communities where we do business,
and the effect we have on people’s lives,” he says. He manages teams to entitle, design, and build projects. “I maintain our project schedules despite the unknowns like weather, labor shortages, and city permit challenges that sometimes unexpectedly arise.” Wilke works closely with entities ranging from restaurateurs to construction managers to luxury residential clients. Formerly LG’s director of commercial construction, Wilke grew that division’s volume from less than $5 million to more than $55 million in just five years. Wilke is the founder of the Pariah Foundation, a new father, and a lifelong lover of all things Chicago.


Thanks to The Residences at New City for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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