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Kevin Binkley, Broker
Carolyn Parks, Broker
Brandon Franczek, Broker
John Vossoughi, Co-founder
Nathan Binkley, Co-founder

The BOSS Group

The BOSS Group at @properties closed nearly $40 million in 2015. The team expects that number to be closer to $50 million by year’s end. The group will say its success is a collaborative effort. But spend time with the team, and it becomes clear that while growth is team driven, that team depends on partnership and friendship of its co-founders, John Vossoughi and Nathan Binkley.

Vossoughi and Binkley play off each other’s strengths to close million-dollar-plus deals. “He’s way smarter than me,” Vossoughi says of Binkley, noting, “but I’m way more fun.” Binkley himself agrees, saying, “I’m the data behind what we’re saying, and Vossoughi is the guy you cannot say ‘no’ to.”

Vossoughi, a top producer since 2011 and an eight-year real estate veteran, is a strong leader. Team members say he “cannot be outworked.” He picked up that work ethic as a commercial property manager. “There were not many happy calls,” he remembers. But in the challenges, Vossoughi also saw opportunities to learn. “I gained perspective,” he says. The lessons still resonate with him today.

Binkley entered the industry three years ago after working as an entrepreneur, a salesman, and a bartender – the latter of which he says “looks easier than it is,” just like real estate. He commands a wealth of data and works closely with domestic and international investors. Binkley understands the importance of maintaining composure as deals pile up and overlap. “You need to know what you’re talking about and be able to discern the nuances of varying deals,” he says. The support of a high-performing team comes in handy.

Kevin Binkley’s is a valuable asset, and as his older brother Nathan claims, “His sales volume is going to double this year.” Kevin jokes that “Trying to outsell my brother is what drives me,” but says it is the clients who truly inspire him to work harder and better. “One of my clients was nominated for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year,” he says. “It’s impossible not to work hard for clients like that.”

Two-year veteran Brandon Franczek specializes in new construction, resale, and vintage rehab properties on the North and West Sides. “Besides my wife, Sarah, this city is what inspires me,” he says. Currently, Franczek deals heavily with first-time buyers and investors, with the occasional renter. His business is growing. “My client base is expanding and diversifying daily,” he says, giving credit to his mentors, Vossoughi and the elder Binkley. “I owe a lot to John and Nate for their willingness to help me prepare for listing presentations. I have yet to lose one,” he says. “I’m sure I do not say thank you enough.”

Carolyn Parks, a Michigan State University graduate, is the team’s newest member. With only six months in the business, she’s a rookie, and working with The BOSS Group’s top-producing agents has been integral to her growth. “Being surrounded by people who share my passion for real estate is an incredible thing,” she says. One of the talents Parks has fostered is an ability to help clients envision what a home can be, rather than what it is. “It’s the most important part of my job,” she says.

Thanks to AtWater Apartments for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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