Joe McBreen


Joe McBreen

Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending
Guaranteed Rate

Joe McBreen and his team set high expectations for themselves and the service they deliver. Their pursuit of excellence has paid off: Mortgage Originator magazine recognized McBreen as one of the country’s top 200 loan officers in both 2014 and 2015. “This kind of acknowledgment shows how much hard work and a commitment to excellence really does matter,” he says. Not only does national recognition speak to McBreen’s expertise, but so does the unwavering confidence Realtors continue to place in him. “My team and I close loans quickly and on time, because we know the importance of efficiency in today’s fast-paced society.”

The mortgage industry attracted McBreen because it provided an opportunity to build his own business in keeping with his entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, his post-graduate degree in business and finance provided the knowledge necessary to run his business successfully and to educate and advise which loan product is best to meet his client’s needs. While he serves many first-time homebuyers – something he finds extremely satisfying – most of McBreen’ s clients are people looking to finance investment properties across the U.S. In addition, low rate market conditions increasingly mean homeowners seeking to refinance to ensure a lower interest rate and lower mortgage payment, so McBreen serves this population, too.

His diligent approach to loan origination ensures he and his team are always highly responsive, because, as he says, “clients expect and deserve ongoing communication.” That means he and his team meet contingency and closing dates, both of which are essential for a successful transaction. McBreen specializes in financing investment properties for many of his clients, who will frequently finance up to 10 properties. Additionally, his 15 years of experience in the industry allows him to help self-employed borrowers secure financing, which can sometimes be a challenging aspect of the business that requires the acumen to read and interpret complicated tax returns.

The father of two daughters, Mia and Lily, McBreen draws inspiration from his girls both professionally and personally. He is committed to give back to society by supporting the Guaranteed Rate Foundation, which he describes as “a tremendous organization that assists people when they need it most.” Whether through this charitable organization or his career as a lender, McBreen’ s priority is putting other people first. “Everyone has a dream to own a place they can call their own, so helping them achieve it is a very satisfying feeling.”

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