Chris Jones


Chris Jones

Senior Mortgage Planner
Wintrust Mortgage

Experiences working as both a banker and a Realtor give Chris Jones a unique perspective in his role as a loan originator. “Those experiences taught me the importance of excellent customer service, consistent communication, and strong negotiation skills, and I utilize all of them as a loan originator,” he says. After 16 years in the industry, Jones has witnessed the highs and lows in real estate, but expanded his business through it all. “No matter what the market is like, I’m 100 percent committed to delivering outstanding results for the people I serve.”

An architecture buff who has long admired commercial and residential properties, Jones counts Chicagoland’s buildings among the world’s best, and is proud to help people purchase and invest in them. His decision to transition from a community bank to real estate was driven by both this interest and his natural ability to connect with others. He ultimately opted to enter the lending field, because, as he sees it, structuring mortgages helps people achieve their goal of homeownership as they attain the American Dream. “Whether I’m working with first-time buyers, professional athletes, or corporate executives, the end goals are the same: identify the best loan products for people that work best with their budget; help build their financial portfolio; and make sense for their immediate and long-term goals,” he explains.

Jones’ time as an agent gives him insight into what his Realtor partners need, which sets him apart as a loan originator. “I understand how critical it is to ensure an on-time closing and great lending terms for clients, so I always strive toward those goals,” he says. His work in all 50 states requires collaboration with Realtors across the country, so Jones makes certain they know he is experienced and more than capable of meeting their clients’ needs so they feel at ease. In addition, he credits the Wintrust Mortgage team for supporting his strategic approach to his work, including his marketing initiatives to promote his expertise.

In addition to spending time with his daughter, Jones enjoys running along the lakefront and in organized races. His newest venture is supporting clients moving across the country. He even recently traveled to Seattle to help a client refinance her home after her company relocated her. “Clients need to know up front that their lender is there for them, whenever and wherever they need them,” he says. “I’m that lender, and that’s something I think always comes through in the way I approach my career.”

Thanks to The Residences at New City for letting us use their beautiful location for our photo shoots.

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