Anthony Marinaccio


Anthony Marinaccio

Senior Vice President of Residential Mortgage Lending
Key Mortgage Services

Highly trusted amongst industry professionals, Anthony Marinaccio, the senior vice president of Key Mortgage Services, is the type of leader that real estate agents and their clients truly value. His in-depth market and product knowledge, as well as his understanding of the vital importance of strong relationships – with the mortgage industry, homebuyers, and agents alike – have kept him consistently among the top Chicagoland mortgage lenders.

“Having a great reputation in our local market as a lender who truly cares for our clients is the No. 1 reason industry professionals love to work with me,” Marinaccio says. “As mortgage lenders, we all have the same products, control, and rates; however, in today’s environment, your name needs to say it all. Getting my clients to the closing table, and funding their mortgage with little or no delays, is my way of saying ‘I succeed in helping clients.’”

Marinaccio personally shepherds each transaction, directly overseeing each loan he originates to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. His values are simply stated: customer service, transparency, and prompt, effective communication. Marinaccio’s own strong work ethic fits completely with that of his clients’ expectations, fortifying his reputation in our local market. “When all parties of a transaction see that I am the lender helping the buyer purchase the home, we instantly set ourselves apart from the rest!”

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