Andrew O’Brien


Andrew O’Brien

Senior Loan Originator
Neighborhood Loans

Hundreds of people are proud homeowners thanks to Andrew O’Brien’s hard work over the past 15 years. An expert in structuring mortgages, O’Brien believes making that kind of difference in others’ lives is his greatest professional accomplishment. “The only reward that truly matters to me is making sure people can purchase their dream home,” he says. Whether his clients are first-time buyers or experienced homeowners, O’Brien takes great satisfaction in educating them on home financing while walking them through the ins and outs of the lending process.

“I serve all clients who have the dream of homeownership or need to refinance a current mortgage,” he explains, adding that he treats all of his clients as if they are million- dollar buyers regardless of their budget. “My goal is to make sure people are comfortable and confident with what’s happening as we work to structure the right loan for them. I always strive to be a calming force so they feel at ease, even if the unexpected arises.” O’Brien helps do so by managing clients’ expectations from the outset. “That makes for a smooth transaction,” he says. His extensive product knowledge includes a deep understanding of conventional, FHA, VA, and portfolio loans. “This career is about my clients, not me, so I always make sure to put their best interest first, and that means matching them with the right kind of mortgage.”

His acumen for math combined with his sense of altruism made loan origination the perfect career choice for O’Brien. Despite the ups and downs the real estate industry has experienced, O’Brien has endured and gone on to help newcomers to the profession build their skills by serving as a mentor. He does the same with the Realtors who rely on him to help their clients. “Overcoming industry shifts and giving back to the profession have only made me a better originator,” says O’Brien. “My goal is to just keep getting better with time so that more and more people can have their part of the American Dream.”


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