Adam McLain


Adam McLain

Senior Loan Officer
Wintrust Mortgage

Award-winning loan officer Adam McLain finds helping his clients finance their properties incredibly rewarding. “l love what I do,” he says. “I enjoy serving as my clients’ trusted advisor and playing a key role in structuring the loans for these major investments of my client’s lives. I make certain my clients and my referral partners can always count on me.” As a real estate investor himself, McLain approaches the process on a personal level, structuring his clients’ financing options as if they were his own. “Whether my clients are first-time homebuyers or seasoned real estate investors, I know what these clients are going through and what they should expect when financing a home or investment property,” he says.

McLain, who has been in the business for almost 17 years, takes a full-service approach. His expert use of technology facilitates his work with borrowers locally and across the country, but he still believes in traditional communication. “If possible, I like to meet most of my clients at some point in their transaction face to face, and all my clients have direct access to me throughout the process,” McLain says. “l attend almost every purchase closing if logistically feasible, or at least make myself available on the phone during those crucial final steps.” He believes that his clients deserve to know the person they are trusting with such an important investment.

His entry into the mortgage business was prompted by his departure from a previous career as an interest and financial futures trader overseas and at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which proved too taxing and time-consuming when his parents both developed serious illnesses. In pursuit of a more flexible schedule, McLain partnered with a friend’s newly launched mortgage company. The timing was perfect: tech stocks had just crashed, bonds were rallying, and interest rates were beginning their decade-long descent, and real estate was red hot. As McLain puts it: “It was my best trade ever!” Today, he expertly uses his degrees in economics and finance, as well as his own experience in the markets, to explain the mortgage lending process to his clients, so they can make an informed decision about available loan products.

A father of three, McLain volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and the American Diabetes Foundation. For the past two years, he has raised funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago, not only participating in but winning its Real Estate Rumble charity boxing event. He fights for his clients with the same unwavering passion and the utmost attention. “l consider it a success story anytime I help someone achieve their real estate goal, so I can’t see myself in any other profession.”

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