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Josh Weinberg and Tommy Choi place value on aligning themselves with mentors who can offer the kind of insight and counsel necessary to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves. Roman statesman Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things.” The co-founders of Weinberg Choi Realty liken these positive influencers to a board of directors who, just like directors who serve on a corporate board, help them refine their brand as both Realtors and individuals. One of the most valuable lessons this approach has taught them is the importance of dedicating time and energy to improving their own practice rather than to besting the competition. As Choi puts it, “By doing this, we’ve found that every day we are the best versions of ourselves that we can be, which translates to being the best for our clients and brokerage that we can be.”

For these partners, being the best is deeply rooted in a passion for real estate and staunch belief that home ownership is a privilege, an ideal that Choi’s grandfather, a South Korean immigrant, instilled within him. “Whether we’re advising on a purchase or sale, helping people attain their real estate goals is what inspires us,” Choi says. Weinberg adds that this impetus is another reason why they support rather than simply aim to outdo their colleagues in the industry. “The market share in Chicago is huge,” he notes, “and we’ve found that our success has been greater when we focus our energies on helping other brokers and colleagues. It makes for a more professional industry.”

Both Weinberg and Choi boast accolades that attest to their thoughtful approach. The Chicago Association of Realtors recognized them among the city’s Top 1% of Realtors in 2014. In addition, Oy!Chicago has honored Weinberg in its “36 under 36” list, and the Women’s Council of Realtors has awarded Choi its Entrepreneur of the Year award. Both have also been actively involved with the Chicago Association of Realtors – Choi as a Board Director and Weinberg as a committee chairperson and a teacher at CAR – and featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters.” In their personal time, Choi volunteers with Bright Pink to raise awareness about breast and ovarian health, while Weinberg has participated on the Board of the Birthright Israel Alumni Council.

“A while back, we made it a goal to support our network instead of just asking to be connected to other people,” says Choi. “We ended every conversation by asking how we could help them and we truly meant it.” Doing so allowed the pair to become integral connectors who brokered relationships that proved impactful in the immediate and long-term. “We’ve always believed in, and live according to, the principle of giving without expectation,” Weinberg explains. “But what we experienced was that the same people we were connecting to one another started to connect us to buyers and sellers! We’ve been blessed to see our business grow quite rapidly as the result of helping people.”

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