Tim Brigham


Tim Brigham

LPO Manager Chicago Region
Evolve Bank and Trust

Tim Brigham beams with pride when he sees Chicago’s buildings because he knows that he helped place individuals and families in many of them. “I get to explain to other people that I was involved in making someone’s dream a reality. What starts as a conversation turns into permanent life history.” Even after all the years as a mortgage originator, this feeling never grows old. A primary reason is because Brigham understands the true power of real estate and its innate ability to change lives. He describes the property purchase process as a “very personal decision” in which he feels honored to play a role.

Brigham’s father always explained to him that he could be whatever he wanted, but his son never quite fully knew what that meant. What he did know was that he wished for a career that would allow him to help others, and his profession as a leading lender undoubtedly affords that. He makes clear that his relationship with clients is rooted in mutual respect; he gives and expects complete candor as a risk aversion strategy as well as believes in creating a true connection with people to ease any anxieties. Many of those fears were attributable to the recession, but Brigham points to data about current and projected real estate sales as a way to ease clients’ concerns. “I can’t help but get excited when I explain how positive the market has turned,” he expresses.

When he is not working with clients, Brigham commits himself to teaching and coaching junior professionals so that they, too, can possess the same kind of enthusiasm he unquestionably exhibits. “Motivating others is what motivates me,” he says, adding that the greatest compliment he received came from the Realtor who recently said to him, “I love talking to you because you always get me amped up for success.” According to Brigham, that is precisely his goal.

The proud father of a 3-year-old son, Brigham draws inspiration from the toddler who catalyzed his decision to create The Superhero Collective, his children’s nonprofit. His 15 years of success have earned him clients’ respect, too, as evidenced by their nomination of him as a 2015 Five Star Professional, an honor for which only the top 3 percent of originators qualify. His experience has also led Realtors to call him when the going gets tough because they know he will expertly handle the situation. “I feel so grateful that I get to wake up and help people make their dreams come true.”

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