Matt McInerney, Area Sales Manager
Jeffrey Wilks, Area Sales Manager
Jack Farrell, Area Sales Manager
Doug Rotella, Executive Vice President
Steve Stapleton, Senior Vice President and Central States Regional Manager

HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

In business for more than a quarter century, HomeBridge, through deep industry expertise and a commitment to quality, customer service and transparency, has built a business spanning 90 retail branches and supporting nearly 1,400 associates. Doug Rotella, founder and executive VP, is excited to grow in the Chicagoland market with the Chicago Team. Among those helping HomeBridge continue that level of success in the Chicagoland area are its Midwest leadership team, including Steve Stapleton, Jeffrey Wilks, Matt McInerney and Jack Farrell.

Stapleton, HomeBridge’s senior vice president and central states regional manager, came into the industry with a background in economics, but learned much of what has helped him succeed in lending through mentorship and a willingness to put in the extra effort towards a job well done. He credits his success in lending to the experienced professionals he encountered early in his career who helped him to develop his skillset throughout the years. “Character and integrity above all else” is his mantra, and it’s something that’s helped him not only service clients, but also lead. “I excel in growth and leadership,” he says. With a strong work ethic, Stapleton strives to accomplish every task with passion and conviction.

McInerney, an area sales manager, sees his role in the lending industry as a way to improve lives. “I’m dedicated to making the home-buying process an easy one for my clients,” he says. Educated in economics at Princeton, McInerney understands the intricacies in the market, and uses his 14 years of experience to consolidate and simply the information, making it digestible for his clients without sacrificing what’s important. Of his business plan, he says simply, “I’m finding the right mortgage product to fit my client’s needs.”

Wilks, also an area sales manager for HomeBridge, joined the company with a strong sales pedigree, which set the foundation for his successful career in lending. After nearly two decades in the mortgage industry, having waded through some of the country’s toughest mortgage cycles, Wilks offers a deep well of experience on how to survive and prosper even in difficult housing environments. “My approach is always about transparency,” he says. “Being open and honest is the best policy for our industry.” He acknowledges the sometimes negative perceptions cast over the industry, but says he’s working with clients and partners on how clear, open communication can make things better for both the home buyer and entire housing industry.

A U.S. Navy veteran and area sales manager, Farrell shares a similar dedication to his clients, who are one of the many reasons he’s so passionate about the industry. Dealing with mostly luxury and affluent buyers, Farrell says he needs to set “exceptional service expectations” – a strategy he adheres to when dealing with his industry partners, as well. “I’ve always loved this business,” he says, remarking on how rewarding the field can be. “This can be the most rewarding job, not just financially, but also personally.”

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