David Bovyn and D.J. Paris


David Bovyn, Managing Broker
D.J. Paris, President of Sales and Marketing

Kale Realty

Originally founded in 1951, the Kale Uniform Company was a supplier to police, fire and postal workers. As that business became successful, the Kale family began purchasing Chicago properties, giving birth to Kale Realty, now one of Chicago’s preeminent real estate firms. Its rich heritage, including supplying wardrobes for the iconic “Blues Brothers” movie, proudly continues thanks to the efforts of D.J. Paris and David Bovyn. Each of those industry experts not only helps cement Kale’s place among the city’s leading agencies, but also they strive diligently to attract, cultivate and support an outstanding team of talent that makes this possible. These two leaders’ ability to showcase how and why Kale creates an ideal environment for innovative Realtors has enabled the firm’s capacity to increase from 10 to 300 brokers in just three years.

Paris, whose role as President of Sales and Marketing means recruiting standout brokers, describes what distinguishes Kale and draws so many professionals from other firms. “Many of our brokers join Kale after being at another firm for years. Often they have two complaints: low commission and poor support. Our sole focus is to provide the best level of service and the highest commissions possible,” he says. The firm achieves that by operating as a 100% commission-based brokerage, which he believes is “the best structure for brokers” because it ignites an entrepreneurial spirit within them. He also cites his recruitment style – learning each Realtor’s goals and then showcasing what Kale offers rather than trying to pitch the agency to them – as a main reason why so many join the family-run brokerage.

Bovyn agrees. An expert in sales, his role as Managing Broker is to offer guidance and counsel to agents so that they achieve professional success. “I work with all of the Kale agents one-on-one so that our team can blossom and flourish,” he says. Bovyn’s own career path at the firm began as an hourly assistant for owner Nick Kale Patterson, and he worked his way up the ranks. This, coupled with his ongoing engagement with property sellers, make him the ideal person to deliver agent training. After all, he knows from experience what works and can share that with the Kale team. “I approach my work with my clients knowing that I’m helping them with one of the biggest transactions the majority of people make. I know that I have to give them the results that they expect from me because I’ve failed if I don’t.”

Both Paris and Bovyn balance their professional pursuits with outside interests. Paris pens a humor blog and volunteers at the Misericordia home, while Bovyn participates with the Chicago Association of Realtors and was its 2011 Rookie of the Year. Still, their ardent commitment to real estate helps define who they are and motivates them to carry on Kale’s legacy. “We’re proud to support our Realtors and to treat them as respectfully as we can,” says Paris. Bovyn feels similarly, adding, “We have an excellent group of agents and I’m proud to say I’m a part of that.”

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