Brandon Poulos


Brandon Poulos

Senior Vice President of Lending
Neighborhood Loans

For many, homeownership is synonymous with the American dream, and Brandon Poulos definitely subscribes to this thinking. “That’s a key reason why many of my clients hope to buy a home, and it’s what inspires me. I’ve always wanted to help as many people as possible accomplish this goal,” he explains. After a decade of experience during which he co-founded Neighborhood Loans, Poulos has established a reputation for trustworthiness coupled with ability and customer service. His clients range from first-time home purchasers to repeat buyers, but his strategy for meeting their needs remains consistent: Act as a problem solver to mitigate whatever challenges may arise to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

“I have a passion for knowledge, and I’m committed to lifelong learning,” Poulos explains, pointing to the need to continuously remain apprised of the regulatory changes to which the mortgage industry is frequently subject. In fact, he cites his passion for continuing education as a key strength. “The industry has changed 10-fold over the past few years and the processes are completely different than what they were when I first entered it,” he points out when explaining the need to be nimble enough to adapt to change. In fact, Poulos considers these changes and strenuous underwriting requirements the primary obstacles that homebuyers must overcome.

To help them do so, he relies on ingenuity and innovation so that he can creatively weigh all possible options before making an informed recommendation about what will likely work best. “I find that I’m often able to help secure financing for individuals who’ve been turned down elsewhere, and that builds their faith in both my company and me,” Poulos says. In addition, he believes that clients appreciate his honesty because it builds their confidence in his dedication to delivering winning results. “My goal is provide the best financial counseling I can. Making certain that my clients fulfill their homeownership dreams is what excites me the most about what I do and makes it all worthwhile.”

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