Brad Boden


Brad Boden

Executive Vice President
A and N Mortgage Services, Inc.

As a mortgage professional, Brad Boden stands out. For three consecutive years, he has been named among the country’s top 1 percent of mortgage originators, and the accomplishment is only a footnote in an already storied career that spans nearly a decade.

Apart from an early aptitude for numbers, Boden’s father, who was also in finance, inspired his decision to become a loan officer and, ultimately, the executive vice president of A and N Mortgage Services, Inc. However, without a tenacity and profound understanding of the business, inspiration would not have been enough to prompt such a rapid rise.

“I learned by shadowing older and more experienced loan officers,” he says of his early career. “I learned and took a little bit from each one.”

In translating those lessons into practical industry applications, Boden developed a unique style that hinges on an acute affinity for preparedness, which has been an absolute boon to his business. “I’m able to squash any issues immediately with information and explanations.”

Boden specializes in jumbo and V.A. loans, typically focusing on condominiums in the city, but his services are readily available to any who might seek them. “Morning, noon and night, I am available,” he says, adding that it always comes down to the service he can provide to his clients, whom he described as “not just numbers.”

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