Andrew Luett


Andrew Luett

Branch Manager
Wintrust Mortgage

Andrew Luett is originally from Iowa City, Iowa. Upon graduation from high school, Andrew was awarded the Chick Evan’s Midwest Golf Association Scholarship. He attended and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BBA Degree in marketing and management. His management studies taught him the importance of cultivating and sustaining relationships, which is imperative in his line of work. After graduation, Andrew began his career as an assistant to a sales manager in the mortgage industry, a position he secured after meeting with a top executive for a local lender. The time he spent in that role gave him a strong background and the training necessary to be a stellar loan officer.

Now he oversees the Ravenswood branch operations at Wintrust Mortgage and finds he is still helping others as much as ever. “I work with individual clients to secure home financing, while leading a team of loan officers as a manager, so that they can attain their professional aspirations.” One of Andrew’s strengths is that he possesses an ability to market both himself and his products, while he manages a team of lending experts to structure clients’ home financing.

A 16-year industry veteran, Andrew says his profession is as meaningful and exciting today as it was when he first started. “This dynamic profession affords an entrepreneurial opportunity to build and lead my own business while helping people make their dreams a reality,” he explains. Andrew has earned numerous honors, including Wintrust’s President’s Circle Award and recognition in the Wintrust’s Leadership Advisory Council.

While each client he serves has unique needs, Andrew finds his approach to working with them is quite similar. “I listen to their concerns, evaluate their credit profile and finances, and make an appropriate loan recommendation based on their information.” In addition, he remains current with changes in the mortgage industry, which has evolved significantly over the past couple of decades, and makes certain he is aware of any legislative changes to avoid any pitfalls for his clients. This reflects what he describes as his “sound ethics and high standards” for every business endeavor in which he engages.

According to Andrew, his definition of success has changed as he has gained more experience and deeper insight into mortgage lending. Andrew feels, “success is measured by making a difference in someone else’s life or in my own life, no matter how small that positive change may be.”

When asked what inspires him most, he smiles and says, “Cliché as it may sound, my inspiration to succeed is my family and my admiration and respect for the mortgage industry.”

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