Alessandro Madonia


Alessandro Madonia

Senior Mortgage Banker
Peoples Home Equity

Although he entered the business nine years ago at the age of 20, Alessandro Madonia relies on old school techniques when it comes to putting clients at ease. While other mortgage professionals may initially meet new clients by telephone and email, he prefers a face-to-face conversation so that they know they are in his very capable hands. His goal is to expertly navigate the loan process for first-time buyers, property investors and even individuals purchasing a second home so that they achieve their real estate goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Madonia’s professional career actually began as an assistant bank manager when he was just 19. He recalls a particular customer who regularly deposited impressive paychecks with him, which prompted Madonia to ask him about his career. The customer told him that he was a mortgage banker, which inspired Madonia to shadow a family member who held the same profession. Immediately drawn to the fast pace of that office environment, the natural-born salesperson opted to leave his job to pursue a profession in the industry. Unexpectedly, the country’s economic recession stymied his immediate success, but Madonia refused to listen to naysayers who recommended that he quit before he even got started. “I just knew that I needed to drown out the noise of those people and to just keep my head down and get my name out there to gain clients’ trust and respect,” he says. “Fast forward nine years, and I can honestly say that it was the best job decision of my life.”

Thanks to his strong risk mitigation abilities, Madonia heads off problems or quickly solves them before they escalate. As he explains, “No one likes to backpedal in the mortgage process,” so he and the team of processors, underwriters and closers who support him strive to prevent avoidable complications. That approach gets clients to the closing table more quickly so that they can begin a new chapter in their life.

A 2014 and 2015 Five Star Chicago Mortgage Professional award recipient because of his exceptional service, Madonia nevertheless remains humble. “Someone once told me, ‘Keep your head up during failure and your head down during success,’” he says. Madonia also never likes to talk business, letting his past clients do that for him – he is a five-star Zillow lender in all of the reviews written about him on the site. Most importantly, Madonia exhibits a strong work ethic and commitment to honesty that let clients know he has their best interests at heart. “I’m definitely a man of my word, which I think goes a long way for people who know me. I know that I’m doing my job right once I gain a client’s trust.”

How would he describe his approach to his work and his clients? “When working with my clients, I make them feel as comfortable as possible. The better and more comfortable they feel with me, the easier the loan process is. I always try to put myself in my clients’ shoes on how they would like to be spoken to so they understand what I am talking about when it comes to the loan process. Making myself available afterhours and on the weekends gives my clients peace of mind knowing that I am there for them for whatever questions or concerns they may have.”

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