Sean Ronkoske


Sean Ronkoske

Broker | Owner
First Class Realty

If you ask Sean Ronkoske how much of a difference two years makes, he’ll tell you 20 agents and one successful company that is still on the rise. 

“In May 2012, I bought a building, and in September that same year, I opened First Class Realty with my good friend Sly Marinca of Gateway Funding,” he says. “We had one simple premise — anyone who is in the real estate market, no matter how big or small their deal may be, is a big deal to us. We believe that everyone deserves exceptional service. Everyone should be able to experience an upgraded standard when it comes to their real estate needs. The first day, we had a client come in to work on a sale; within a month I hired five agents; and with 20 agents today, we’re considered one of the fastest-growing real estate offices in Northern Illinois.”

The multimillion-dollar producer says watching his father own and manage companies gave him the confidence and motivation to turn his business idea into a reality. Ronkoske also says having roots in the area his office serves adds great value to his clients and makes him especially invested. 

“I grew up in Antioch, and my office is in Lake Villa,” he says. “I care about the community, the people and the Chain of Lakes. What I offer is really the sum of my knowledge about living in Lake County. There’s a unique sense of satisfaction that comes with making a career investment in the area you call home.”

Ronkoske and his growing team of talented professionals work mostly with residential move-up buyers and new construction, but are also starting to dive into the commercial world. A true one-stop-shop, First Class Realty offers an in-house lender, attorney and Country Insurance to clients for added benefit and convenience.   

“I’ve learned that you get out of it what you put into it. With each client, I ask myself: ‘Have I done everything I can for them?’ My job is not done until that answer is ‘yes.’” 

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