Rick Duffin and Sean Dore


Rick Duffin and Sean Dore

Duffin & Dore, LLC

Rick Duffin and Sean Dore of Duffin & Dore, LLC can attribute their success to the expertise created with hard work, attention to detail and a plethora of different legal experiences.

“There is no substitute for putting in the hours,” Duffin, a licensed attorney and real estate broker, says. “With any area of law, it takes a significant amount of time to become an expert. Having worked on thousands of transactions and having been involved in many real estate litigation matters, we have seen it all.”

After 16 years in the industry, Duffin & Dore has represented individuals, investors, real estate brokers and businesses throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. They are experienced in every aspect of real estate law, including purchases, sales, investments, leases of residential and commercial properties, zoning, foreclosures, evictions and general real estate litigation.

The firm has maintained its consistency by working with many of the same brokers and lenders for over a decade. One of the firm’s mottos is to “be a team player and be responsive at all times,” Dore says. “We strive to provide the best legal advice and to be available to our clients and their brokers at all times – if we are not, then brokers and clients will not continue to use our services.”

“My mentor was the senior partner of a large litigation firm where I began my legal career,” Duffin says. “He taught me the value of responsiveness by returning phone calls and emails as quickly as possible, even if he was swamped.”

Duffin and Dore have a wealth of experience, but their goal is to continue to provide the best legal service possible for their brokers and clients. “In all circumstances, we consider our clients’ individual needs and craft an approach that best suits those needs,” Dore says.

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