Mont Wickham, Ruth “Drussy” Hernandez and Judy Pettas


Mont Wickham, Ruth “Drussy” Hernandez and Judy Pettas

Real Estate Broker, Managing Broker and Managing Director
CONLON: A Real Estate Company/Christie’s International Real Estate

The team at CONLON: A Real Estate Company/Christie’s International Real Estate is nothing if not experienced. And though their experience falls in a variety of different fields, all of it helps them offer unique, exceptional service to their clients.

Managing Broker Ruth “Drussy” Hernandez says her previous career in social work deepened her understanding of others’ needs and honed her impeccable management skills. Hernandez currently leads close to 200 agents and is looking to expand CONLON/Christie’s market areas.

“Joining CONLON/Christie’s has been a life-changing experience,” says Hernandez, who just began her 30th year in the industry. “My years of experience have led me through many environments, but this was the first time we were building something from the very beginning. It challenged me in a different way and has been quite a ride.”

After 22 years as a stock options trader, Broker Mont Wickham constantly uses his innate ability to assess and find value. Those skills have helped him become known as an “idea man” within the industry, and allowed him to lead the charge in opening CONLON/Christie’s newest offices in the western suburb of Hinsdale.

“I left behind my career at the CBOE to fully engage in my passion for real estate,” Wickham recalls. “It was a great risk, but my in-depth understanding of market fluctuation allowed me to be more intuitive. I opened a storefront real estate office in 2005, but eventually found my place at CONLON/ Christie’s in 2009.”

Managing Director Judy Pettas, on the other hand, chose real estate at a young age. After working for a major brokerage for 15 years, she opened her own brokerage, Premier Properties Chicago in Lincoln Park, and now has taken her experience to CONLON/Christie’s.

“I’m currently very excited to be building a CONLON/ Christie’s brokerage in Winnetka,” Pettas says. “We will bring the exclusive, international brand to the North Shore, providing boutique services in areas such as commercial development, new construction, high-end single family and land acquisition. I’m actively recruiting a select group of savvy agents to join our experienced team.”

Pettas believes that what sets CONLON/Christie’s and their team apart is a belief and adherence to basic human principles.

“Really no matter what business you’re in, everyone wants to be treated fairly and professionally,” she says.

Wickham agrees that the CONLON/Christie’s team is unmatched when it comes to strength and unity across the board, as well as a constant desire to grow and develop.

“I believe that the key to becoming good at anything is to have passion,” he says. “No matter what the job is, there is always room to become a more talented agent.”

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