Mike Opyd


Mike Opyd

Americorp Real Estate

To Mike Opyd, Chicago real estate isn’t a job – it’s a lifestyle. The professional, yet personable, broker works all day, every day, and uses his natural ability to adapt and think on the fly to anticipate the changing market.

“Real estate is my way of life,” Opyd says. “It’s what I’m truly passionate about, especially in Chicago. The architecture, the history, the difference in areas is so amazing here. It’s unlike any other market in the world!”

The Young Professionals Network board member made the switch to Americorp Real Estate a few years ago and helped create the Matt Laricy Group, which allowed him to further grow his business as a senior member. Opyd and the group currently rank in Chicago’s top 1 percent.

“I have had three mentors over the course of my career, and each one has taught me that nothing is given to you in this industry,” he says. “You have to work harder than anyone to get what you deserve. Learning how to stay ahead of the curve and never becoming complacent is my driving force each day.”

As a member of the United Way Young Leaders Society, he relishes the chance to help children and families in need through volunteer opportunities in his spare time. As for future goals, Opyd has his sights set on the here and now.

“I honestly do not plan farther out than one year, and then re-evaluate every 12 months,” he says. “Planning too far ahead can take your focus off the present – and right now, I’m here to help my clients with whatever they may need.”

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