John Vossoughi and Nathan Binkley


John Vossoughi and Nathan Binkley

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The Voss Group

The Voss Group, headed by broker John Vossoughi, along with his partner Nathan Binkley, has stood out at @properties as the firm’s leading producing team in its River North office in 2013. If you ask them, they’re only getting started.

Leading a team of seven agents, all of whom were personally recruited and trained, Vossoughi has made a career out of being and working with the best. “I put a lot of time into making sure I’m available to the people on my team, and I’m confident each will do amazingly well in the business,” he says.

While these days, Binkley works alongside Vossoughi, he’s not shy about giving his partner credit for the role he played in his success. “John brought me into the business in 2012, and I’ve learned a ton from him,” he says, adding that the most important lesson Vossoughi taught him was the science of pricing listings correctly – something Vossoughi is unmatched at.

Together, the two have worked on a litany of projects, with several more currently in the works, ranging in price from $200,000 to $2 million. Last year, Vossoughi brokered 55 transactions, totaling over $20 million. On average, his homes sold in less than two weeks.

Moving forward, the Voss Group is in growth mode, which, for Binkley and Vossoughi, means actively chasing down listings – even with 90 percent of their business coming via referrals.

“One of the best things I’ve learned in real estate is that it’s not a passive market,” Binkley says. “You have to go after it. We’ve already had four off- market deals in 2014, and we’re currently working on marketing campaigns to help drum up even more business near the Loop and River North.”

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