Jenna Smith


Jenna Smith

Residential Broker
Dream Town Realty

Jenna Smith can do anything. She’s worked through the highs and the lows of the market, been a part of boutique and high-volume brokerages, gut-rehabbed a home and dealt with both rental and high-volume models. This wide variety of experiences makes her able to anticipate problems and better serve her clients.

“There probably isn’t a large development in the city I am not familiar with, nor a crazy scenario I haven’t dealt with,” she says. “There are some things you just can’t learn until you’ve worked past them firsthand.”

She flourishes in the complexities of the industry that challenge her to overcome logistical hurdles, such as helping a client sell their home
before they can purchase.

“I’m working a lot with move-up sellers right now who have wanted to upgrade the last few years, but could not because their current home had lost so much value,” Smith says. “Things are looking up for those clients, and we can sell high while still getting them into a fairly-priced new home that better fits their needs for years to come.”

Since joining Dream Town in 2007, Smith has been recognized as a top producer by the Chicago Association of Realtors every single year. She’s also been featured on FOX TV’s “Ask the Expert” segment, referenced in Chicago magazine and The Wall Street Journal about Chicago real estate and been included in Chicago Association of Realtors’ top 1 percent the past two years.

“When I started my real estate career 12 years ago, I gained valuable sales experience, but realized very quickly what type of broker I did not want to be,” she says. “Since then, I focus on quality over quantity each day to build better relationships and encourage repeat business.”

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