Christina Ewing and Jeremy Rose


Christina Ewing and Jeremy Rose

Senior Loan Originators and Renovation Loan Specialists
Prospect Mortgage

Working at Prospect Mortgage, it can be challenging to distinguish yourself amongst the deep roster of talented finance professionals. For Jeremy Rose and Christina Ewing, both senior loan originators and renovation loan specialists with a combined 36 years of industry experience, standing out is simply part of the job.

Rose, much like Ewing, has handled just about every mortgage product available in the contemporary market. Since 2011, renovation loans have been added to their portfolio of product offerings. The addition has been an unbelievable boon to Rose and Ewing’s production. “Not many agents out there understand the ease of using renovation products in enabling them to sell more homes, and we are here to educate them” Rose says.

A tenacious specialist, Rose says that Prospect Mortgage is the No. 1 renovation lender in the Midwest in both units and volume. Priding himself on the loyalty of his long-term client base, he has been nationally recognized as a top 30 producer for Prospect the past three years running.

When Ewing made the move to Prospect in 2010, she came to the company with a newfound focus on purchase transactions. Ewing now works with an expansive array of mortgage products, and loves how quantifiable her results are.

Together, the two complete one of Prospect’s most prosperous and customer- centric duos.

“The financing world can be a dread for clients,” Ewing admits. “With a litany of cumbersome rules and regulations, the process often seems sluggish. That is why I use an effective communication system to keep all the relevant players in the loop, from listing agents to attorneys.”

Rose mimics Ewing’s sentiment, adding that it’s important for him to see things out to completion.

“I look at the entire process, from open to close, as a puzzle.” he says. “It’s our job to put all of the pieces together. I’m going to be certain that in the end the final piece goes in as smooth as possible for everyone.”

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