Anthony Marinaccio


Anthony Marinaccio

Senior Vice President of Residential Mortgage Lending
Key Mortgage Services

Anthony Marinaccio, the senior vice president of Key Mortgage Services, is the type of leader that agents and their clients truly value. His in- depth market and product knowledge, as well as his understanding of the vital importance of strong relationships – with the mortgage industry, homebuyers and agents – have kept him consistently on top with Key Mortgage Services.

“Having a high level of experience in mortgage lending and real-time knowledge of ever-changing mortgage solutions is mandatory for delivering exceptional service in today’s market,” Marinaccio says. “As a metropolitan Chicago mortgage broker, my professional ability to foster a bond between the homeowner and the mortgage investor is just one way I assure my clients exceptional results.”

Marinaccio personally shepherds each transaction, directly overseeing each loan he originates to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Key Mortgage Services’ values are simply stated: customer service, transparency and prompt, effective communication. Marinaccio’s own strong work ethic fits completely with that of his client’s expectations, which only makes him love his career even more. “It’s important to get things right the first time, and on time,” he says.

  • Victoria Amoroso says:

    Anthony always returns calls and emails quickly. He is very knowledgeable, creative and up to date regarding all financing options. He’s also very
    smart, too, which makes him a step above the rest!

  • Rebecca Ravenna says:

    Anthony has been my go-to lender for not only my clients, but for myself. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and client oriented. I have always had my high expectations exceeded when working with him.

  • Gary Stevens says:

    Anthony is a top notch loan officer with great attention to detail and the needs of his clients

  • Phil Moss says:

    Anthony has a wealth of knowledge. He is very professional. Responds quickly to my buyer’s and me. Tops in my book!

  • Mary Gordon says:

    Anthony is at the TOP of his game! He brings knowledge, professionalism and respect to his business and my clients. He gets the job done swiftly and with out flaws. Whether it is a large or small, first time buyer or seasoned, clients are educated, informed, treated with respect and professionalism. He manages to create the best financial package, keeps everyone connected and worry free.

  • Nick Kluding says:

    Anthony is simply the BEST. He is thorough, responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I’ve done many deals with him and my buyers love him.

  • Kenny Werman says:

    Anthony is the most approachable, professional, and knowledgable lender I’ve ever worked with. He always responds immediately and goes the “extra mile” to make sure my clients are aware of everything going on throughout the entire transaction. His expertise and top notch service are unmatched in an industry where there are a myriad of other options. I recommend that all of my clients at least talk to Anthony before selecting a lender, since he will ensure they get the best deal no matter who they end up selecting.

  • nancy curtis says:

    I wish all my sales were handled by Anthony, but sometimes we do not have the choice. He is always available to answer questions and I believe he will always try to work it out, but if he can’t he will let you know and that is important too.

  • linda ross says:

    If you like communication and quick response time, Anthony is your guy. Also he is very efficient at letting you know quickly if he can help someone with their personal requirements or not. So he never wastes anyone’s time. I can recommend him highly.

  • Lois Harb says:

    Of utmost importance, Anthony is knowledgeable and responsive. . In addition, he is great at explaining the buying process to first-time home buyers, professional but approachable. He’s great.

  • Honey Weber says:

    Anthony is terrific! He has a wealth of knowledge, is always professional, and has been extremely patient with my clients. Tops in his field.

  • Denise Grassart says:

    Anthony Marinaccio is a pleasure to work with, but bottom line – he gets the job done, and that’s what we want in this era of sometimes challenging situations.

  • Tina Rotter says:

    Great customer service… prompt at returning calls… knowledgable…
    simply, the best..

  • Stephanie Berger says:

    I always look forward to updates and information from Anthony to empower me with knowledge that I use to educate my clients.

  • Jean Cohen says:

    What a pleasure to work with Anthony. He is professional, knowledgeable, responsible and goes the extra mile. I have worked with him personally and he did a great job as he has done with my clients.

  • Pam Ball says:

    Anthony is the best! I know that when a client works with him they will receive not only the best customer service but also a great loan. He is the best lender I have worked with in my 35 years as a Realtor!

  • Marlene Saint-George says:

    Anthony was wonderful to work with. My loan process was painless and seamless. It was wrapped up in lightning speed. He was knowledgeable on every product. Wonderful experience.

  • Gail Goldman says:

    Anthony is an invaluable resource in our office. He is professional, knowledgeable, and provides superior service to our agents and clients.

  • Earl Silvers says:

    I has been a pleasure to work with Anthony. His information is up to the minute and he is very attentive. We at the Gold Coast Office of Baird & Warner are very lucky to have him to help us select the best solutions to our problems.

  • Celeste.becker says:

    Anthony always has time and an innovative way to approach and solve problems. He has a professional,calm, manner.

    He is thorough and brings confidence to anything he approaches and always finds a way to to solve issues.

    Celeste Becker

  • Joli says:

    Anthony. Is wonderful. Full of knowledge
    He also makes sure your client is taken care of
    from begining to end. He returns phone calls and answers
    Your e mail in a timely manor. He is a true
    Gem in this service driven business

  • mike f says:

    Anthony offers great products and the best customer service.

  • Darlene Leoni says:

    Anthony is knowledgeable, reliable, and is always willing to help. We’re fortunate to have him!