Anthony Marinaccio


Anthony Marinaccio

Senior Vice President of Residential Mortgage Lending
Key Mortgage Services

Anthony Marinaccio, the senior vice president of Key Mortgage Services, is the type of leader that agents and their clients truly value. His in- depth market and product knowledge, as well as his understanding of the vital importance of strong relationships – with the mortgage industry, homebuyers and agents – have kept him consistently on top with Key Mortgage Services.

“Having a high level of experience in mortgage lending and real-time knowledge of ever-changing mortgage solutions is mandatory for delivering exceptional service in today’s market,” Marinaccio says. “As a metropolitan Chicago mortgage broker, my professional ability to foster a bond between the homeowner and the mortgage investor is just one way I assure my clients exceptional results.”

Marinaccio personally shepherds each transaction, directly overseeing each loan he originates to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Key Mortgage Services’ values are simply stated: customer service, transparency and prompt, effective communication. Marinaccio’s own strong work ethic fits completely with that of his client’s expectations, which only makes him love his career even more. “It’s important to get things right the first time, and on time,” he says.

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