Zeke Morris


Zeke Morris

Managing Broker/Principal, Keller Williams Realty, CCG;
2012-13 President, Chicago Association of Realtors

At the heart of Zeke Morris’ presidency of the Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR) is his engagement with members and a desire to deliver what they need to serve their clients, with a special focus on professional partnerships and education. Through CAR, Morris has assisted numerous underserved communities by involving Realtors in the federally funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program. He is also working with CAR to develop a bold city revitalization plan that involves cooperation among residential and commercial Realtors as well as city government and non-governmental organizations. Through his own brokerage, Keller Williams, Morris and his team participate as volunteers to empower community residents and advance the Community Garden Project of the Centers for New Horizons, which offers organically grown vegetables for “food desert” zones in Chicago’s South Side.

“I love the number of people we have served and our ability, as Chicago Realtors, to help develop sustainable neighborhoods. It is exciting to look at how we, through housing, can offer programs to stabilize communities and assist first-time homebuyers,” Morris says. “We have the perspective to continually rethink how, through our role in housing, we can seek creative ways for Chicago residents to recover from a tough economy and thrive.”

Morris believes it is important to be open to new ideas and changes, and anticipate the needs of people he serves – whether those people are members of CAR, professional partners or clients.

“I am a servant to more than 11,000 Chicago Realtors and hold them in the highest regard,” he says. “We are all in this together, and can create win-win situations. If those you lead cannot see their own dreams or aspirations in yours, you will not be effective. They won’t regard you as a leader.”

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