Tariq Khwaja and Timothy Brigham


Tariq Khwaja and Timothy Brigham

LPO Managers
Evolve Bank & Trust

If the mortgage world’s old guard thought they had the industry cornered, business partners Tariq Khwaja and Timothy Brigham have certainly taught them a lesson. Both entered the industry in their 20s and quickly outpaced their older colleagues. Brigham was promoted to management at the age of 25 and put in charge of 22 loan officers, producing more than $18 million a month. Today, the pair ranks among the top 10 percent of producers nationwide.

Their biggest accomplishment, however, is the opening of Evolve Bank & Trust. The two are quick to tout their company for its “small bank feel with all the big bank capabilities.”

“I tell my staff weekly: remember, this is someone’s home,” Brigham says. “This is where they sleep. It’s where their children sleep. You should feel honored that you have the privilege to be involved. Treat it with that utmost respect.”

This strategy seems to have paid off. The duo is 100 percent referral based, and business couldn’t be better.

Not surprisingly, Brigham and Khwaja exhibit a contagious passion for the business, its challenges and its opportunities.

“I love the atmosphere, I love the environment and I especially love the team that we have built,” Khwaja says.

“I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” Brigham agrees.

As financial markets continue to evolve, expect to see this dynamic pair and their fittingly named bank at the forefront for years to come.

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